Take Your Lessons To Another World!

Hello! Welcome to MegaMinds, a social learning platform for K-12 that utilizes gamified virtual worlds and simple creation tools to empower teachers and engage students. We’ve just launched our free Beta Program and are looking for 10 forward thinking educators to provide some feedback help shape the future of online learning! WHAT OUR PLATFORM ENABLES MegaMinds acts as a bridge for your great learning content and the lessons you've crafted over the years, and presents it to students in a context they're delighted by and can't get enough of (think virtual worlds like Roblox). Bored faces on Zoom is now a thing of the past. Our platform will help you enable: 
● Engaging Online Teaching Sessions● Asynchronous Tutoring ● Simple Creation of Fun Interactive Lessons● Peer-to-Peer Learning● Project Based Learning● Novel Assignments● Pedagogical Flexibility 
EARN PASSIVE INCOMEIf you teach online as a side gig, full time gig or are just thinking about it, you can list your worlds on our Marketplace where they can be purchased by students and other teachers from around the world. We share all revenues with you (70% for you, 30% for us), and your Learning World can become a source of passive income for you and help students around the world benefit from the great lessons you've crafted and honed.  
WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?Just click the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner. You’ll answer a short questionnaire and then someone from the MegaMinds team will contact you. 
JUST WHO ARE YOU GUYS?Our company was founded last November by a School Principal (Maureena Mark), an Extended Reality Technologist at Google (Eric Tao), and an Artificial Intelligence Researcher (Roman Miletitch) to build a more engaging, personalized, and effective way to learn online. We just completed the prestigious USC Rossier EdTech Accelerator, and was a semi-finalist in the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge.
NEED MORE INFO?We invite you to explore our website for more infomation, and if you have any specific questions please reach out to our CEO at:.moc.sdnimagemog%40cire