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Enter the MegaMinds Virtual Visionaries Challenge

A fun student build challenge where creativity meets technology and imagination knows no bounds. 

For Students

Harness your creativity and learn to build your own virtual worlds! Craft amazing worlds with your friends and and win some fantastic prizes. 
Are you ready to take the leap from player to creator?

For Teachers

Teachers, take a backseat and watch your students grow as they dive headfirst into this fun and educational challenge
Complete this short form to be notified about PD opportunities to incorporate virtual worlds into your classrooms.

For Parents

Challenge your kids to design and build their own virtual worlds about the topics that matter to them.  
Let them engage with a community of young innovators and gain new skills and confidence along the way. 

Build Themes

Pick a theme. Dive in (either solo or with some friends). And show us what you can do.

Passions and Interests

Let your favorite hobbies, activities, or obsessions take center stage in your very own digital realm.

Places and Travel

Recreate beloved places, dream destinations, or fantastical landscapes only possible in the virtual world.

Personal Achievements

Build a world that celebrates your proudest moments, milestones, or accomplishments.


Tell your life story in a way it's never been told before, using the unlimited possibilities of the digital canvas.


Weave intricate narratives, create compelling characters, and construct immersive settings for your epic tales.

Cultural Heritage

Pay homage to your roots, showcasing the richness and diversity of your cultural background.


Create a linguistic adventure, bridging cultures and connecting minds one phrase at a time, where each interaction offers a 3D lesson in a new tongue. 


Explore the wonders of the universe, delve into the mysteries of the human body, or celebrate the marvels of technological innovation.


Display your business acumen by designing a world around startup culture, innovative business models, or groundbreaking inventions.


Pick something in your local, global, or digital communities and tell us a story about how you made a positive impact.

How to Participate


Create a MegaMinds Account

If you haven't already, sign up for a MegaMinds account. You can do this by visiting the MegaMinds website and clicking on "Sign Up". Fill in your details and follow the prompts to create your account.


Invite Collaborators (Optional)

If you're planning to work as a team, now's the time to invite your friends to collaborate with you. They will also need to create a MegaMinds account if they haven't done so already. Once they're set up, you can invite them to join your project from within the platform.


Choose a Theme

Choose a theme for your virtual world from the list provided. Remember, your world should align with the theme you select.


Start Building

Use the MegaMinds platform to start creating your virtual world. You can access a variety of tools and resources on the platform to help you bring your ideas to life. Feel free to use any kind of content to bring your vision to life (i.e. 3D models, GIFs, YT videos, MP3s, anything really!)


Share Your Work

Once your world is complete, follow the submission guidelines to enter your world into the competition.