MegaMinds is offering a free 3 month Proof of Concept Trial for all schools and districts

At MegaMinds, we see the range of difficult challenges teachers face in the classroom everyday--from student engagement to delayed social-emotional development to unfinished learning. Our platform provides the supports that can help your teachers right away. That's why we're offering an extended term trial so your teachers will be able to see the benefits of extended usage. As educators, we are always looking for ways to engage our students and help them reach their full potential. Find out more about how MegaMinds can empower every teacher and motivate every student at your school.


Join our Spring Pilot Program

We are currently enrolling for our Pilot Program for the 2023 spring semester, which will include full access to the platform plus personalized onboarding and ongoing support for your staff. 
Join us if your school champions impact learning in all environments and wants to give every student agency and confidence in a 1:1 device environment. But act fast as spots are limited!

Impact learning for all students, in all learning environments

With MegaMinds, teachers can provide personalized interventions that can help rapidly address learning gaps for all students, within all instructional models. 

Personalize instruction at scale

Teachers can personalize instruction and scaffold their lessons to help quickly address learning loss recovery.

Increase teacher bandwidth

A virtual classroom is a way to essentially have another teacher in the room. It instantly increases their bandwidth and allows for more 1 on 1 instruction.

Improve equity of access

Browser-based lessons are accessible on any device, even without WiFi. Promote success in blended classrooms, at home, and in intervention programs.

Impact learning fast

Students can get started in seconds with minimal learning curve for most. MegaMinds motivates and empowers students through gamified lessons they adore.

Support your key initiatives

Accelerated learning

Integrate multiple strategies for differentiating learning and building individual achievement. 

Expand teacher capacity

Provide an opportunity for your teachers to rethink their approach and focus on what works.

Social-emotional learning

Build SEL into curriculum and instruction and make it an integral part of learning at your school.

Recovering lost instructional time

Add learning time within the structure of existing programs and flexibility for the increase in learning needs of students.

Delivering high-dosage tutoring

Provide an effective platform for engaging small groups in high-dosage distance tutoring sessions.

Facilitating afterschool and summer learning

Provide a platform to strengthen out-of-school initiatives to support student success.

A comprehensive solution for your school or district

Increase teacher collaboration

Increase collaboration among teachers with a dedicated school/district channel.

Share single source content

Allow your Curriculum Specialist to create, highlight, and share vetted content out to all teachers within your network.

Re-use lessons and content

Share and reuse content easily over time ensuring consistency despite staffing changes.

MegaMinds supports proven instructional strategies and research

We use peer-reviewed research to guide our product design and build into MegaMinds the instructional strategies that are proven to make a positive impact on student learning. 


Learn how to purchase a plan with ESSER, EANS, or Title I funds.

MegaMinds was designed based on learning science principles, and qualifies for federal funding including ESSER, EANS, and Title I. MegaMinds can support key initiatives such as SEL, accelerated learning, recovering lost instructional time, delivering high-dosage tutoring, and facilitating summer learning.

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We know asynchronous PD sessions can be trying at times. Our synchronous workshops can delivered in-person or virtually. Workshops will consist of basic MegaMinds training, then dive deeper into the themes of tech integration, differentiation and assessment.
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