MegaMinds for Schools and Districts

A powerful suite of tools that help your schools captivate learners, maximize engagement, and achieve district goals.

Quick onboarding

Create safe, secure accounts for your entire district.

Full feature control

Comprehensive account and permissions management across all features.

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Exceptional support

Bespoke training & PD, plus 24 hour priority support.

Scalable and cost-effective

 Support a large number of students without infrastructure investments.

Teacher collaboration

Foster a collaborative approach to teaching.

Insights and analytics

Access game-changing data on student and teacher usage.

Community building

Foster a vibrant school community through shared educational experiences.

Support your key initiatives

Personalize instruction at scale

Teachers can tailor learning to student needs and integrate multiple strategies for differentiating learning. 

Social-emotional learning

Foster supportive virtual environments that encourage interaction, collaboration, and empathy.

Expand teacher capacity

Teachers can manage their workload more efficiently and reach more students effectively.

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Improve equity of access

Provide all students with equal access to interactive and engaging educational experiences.

Extended learning opportunities

 Expand the boundaries of traditional classrooms and beyond school hours.

Improve digital literacy

Foster digital literacy for all students and hone their essential 21st century skills.

Student benefits from extended usage

Improved student engagement

Provide an interactive learning environment where students can explore, create, and collaborate in a fun and engaging way.

Improved SEL skills

Provide a safe and supportive environment for students to practice empathy and explore and their emotions in a creative manner.

Increased participation

Foster a sense of curiosity and motivation that encourages active learning and participation.

Increased student collaboration

 Provide a dynamic space for students to share ideas and co-create projects, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

Inspired and self directed students

Allow students to explore their interests and curiosities at their own pace, while fostering a sense of autonomy and ownership.

21st century skills are put into practice

Provide an innovative learning environment that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and technological literacy.


Provide a more engaging environment for summer or afterschool learning

Step into summer instruction with your launch plan ready from day one. Bring your teachers ways to treat instruction like an extracurricular activity that can better engage their students. 

MegaMinds supports proven instructional strategies and research

We use peer-reviewed research to guide our product design and build into MegaMinds the instructional strategies that are proven to make a positive impact on student learning. 


Learn how to purchase a plan with ESSER, EANS, or Title I funds.

MegaMinds was designed based on learning science principles, and qualifies for federal funding including ESSER, EANS, and Title I. MegaMinds can support key initiatives such as SEL, accelerated learning, recovering lost instructional time, delivering high-dosage tutoring, and facilitating summer learning.

Learn how MegaMinds can support your school today

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