Experience History Like Never Before!

Feel the power of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech and explore the milestones of the Civil Rights Movement like never before.
Bring Black History Month to life in your classroom! Dive into our immersive rooms where history is not just read about, but fully experienced.

Bring History to Life in Your Classroom!


Experience MLK Jr's “I Have A Dream”

Step into the Lincoln Memorial and experience a recreation of Dr. King's famous speech.


Provide an Educational Journey

Students engage with detailed historical contexts and critical insights.


Interactive Exploration

Discover the hidden stories and untold narratives from the March on Washington.


Rich Historical Content

Explore in-depth historical facts and figures from the time period.

MegaMinds is your all-in-one instructional platform

MegaMinds supports all classroom models for whole class, small groups or individual sessions. It can be used for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. 


Engaging presentations 

Explore lessons as a class and stop to discuss key instructional moments and control the pace.


Collaborative work stations

Create collaborative workstations to free up your in-class time for other students.


Project-based learning

Provide opportunities for creativity and collaboration with fun asynchronous projects.


A class-to-home connection

Create a continual opportunity for learning, inside and outside the classroom. 

But don't take our word for it -- our teachers say it best

"MegaMinds improved my classroom management because the students took responsibility for each other!"

Jennifer S.

6th Grade Science Teacher

"The real trick is they love to learn in this environment and are actually eager to complete the lessons!”

Marie M.

8th Grade Math Teacher

“I work with special needs students. This has helped me to increase social skills, confidence, engagement, and lets us all have fun while learning.”

Erica L.

Speech Language Pathologist

“The first time I saw this, I knew it was something that could really change how we do things. And do you know what it was? One click to enter a virtual classroom. Even on a phone! The potential of this is massive."

Guy L.

Learning Innovation Consultant

“I’ve never seen students more excited to use MegaMinds. Really enthusiastic and ready to learn.”

Frank C.

Assistant Principal

Ready for meaningful engagement?

Everything you need to engage your students anytime, anywhere.