Student engagement is the key to their success

MegaMinds connects to your students' interests and lives and brings joy to their learning journey.

It's your all-in-one instructional platform

MegaMinds supports all classroom models for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning—for your whole class, small groups or individual sessions. 


Front of class presentations 

Explore a lesson as a class and stop to discuss key instructional moments and control the pace of a lesson.


Interactive work stations

Create collaborative workstations to free up your in-class time for other students.


Project based learning

Provide opportunities for students to engage in inquiry-based collaborative projects.


A class-to-home connection

Create a continual opportunity for learning, inside and outside the classroom. 


Re-useable lessons

Build a catalogue of re-useable lessons that can be updated and revisited by your students at any time during the school year.


Shared resources with other teachers

Share classrooms and resources with other teachers at your school to save lesson planning time and get organized quickly.


Safe online spaces for students

Create secure online spaces for students to meet, study, and collaborate after school.

Student Content Creation

Give students the ability to create their very own 3D virtual rooms to demonstrate knowledge, problem solve, be creative, and express themselves.


Inquiry-based learning

Encourage students to ask questions, conduct research, and explore new ideas.


Collaborative projects

Helps students develop teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.


Student portfolios

Capture each student as an individual, embracing their personalities and uniqueness.


Private study spaces

Encourage students to use spatial imagination to organize, structure, and recall information. 

We're connected with the tools you're already using

We enhance your existing set of content and tools by turning your 2D content into 3D interactive experiences.


Instantly add interactivity to your existing PDFs, worksheets, videos, and other resources you use everyday. Even work with other EdTech platforms and websites you know and love. Enhance your content and the learning experience for your students by making all of it interactive.

  • Add PDFs, worksheets, videos, photos, audio and more

  • Keep using your favorite EdTech programs

  • Instantly enhance and make all of your content interactive

Transform the way you teach

Build students′ capacity to learn and be strategic, self-aware participants. 

Differentiate and personalizing teaching

From scaffolded lessons, to one-on-one tutoring, create an engaging and effective learning experience for your students.

Get students to participate outside the classroom

Create the perfect way to get students excited and engaged in learning outside of the classroom. 

Inspire students to be more self directed

Create a safe space to improve their weaknesses and ensure learning happens in a fun, less-tense, less-pressured environment.

Put 21st century skills into practice

Raise their confidence and help them find their voice in a secure space with their peers. Foster grit, perseverance, and productive struggle.

Ready for meaningful engagement?

Everything you need to engage your students anytime, anywhere.