Everything you need to take teaching to the next level, whether you manage a classroom, a school or an entire district.  Not a K-12 school or district? Join other tutoring organizations, afterschool centers, and nonprofits using MegaMinds.

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Our priority is ensuring all students and teachers have access to the tools they need to succeed.If cost is a challenge for your school or non-profit, we will work with you to find a solution!


  • Can I purchase a plan with my ESSER, EANS, or Title I funds?

    Yes, MegaMinds was designed based on learning science principles, and qualifies for federal funding including ESSER, EANS, and Title I. MegaMinds can support key initiatives such as SEL, accelerated learning, recovering lost instructional time, delivering high-dosage tutoring, and facilitating summer learning.

  • What’s the difference between the plan for Teachers & Tutors and for Schools & Districts?

    Our Teachers & Tutors plan is designed for individual educators, who can sign up for free. A MegaMinds sitewide plan for your school or district unlocks:● Administrator dashboards● Team management features● A shared virtual classroom library for collaboration across your school● A Digital twin of your school, shared across all accounts● Access to our Learning ResourcesAnd much more!
    Contact us to learn more about how a MegaMinds plan can empower every teacher and motivate every student at your school.

  • What if my teachers already have their own accounts?

    Teachers can have multiple accounts on MegaMinds. If they are using their school email, it will merge with a school account.

  • Do you offer Professional Development for my staff?

    Yes, you can request virtual or in-person sessions. 

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