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WHO WE AREMegaMinds is an all-in-one instructional tool that makes it easy for teachers to create and share lessons in 3D environments that drive student engagement, and provide students with enhanced learning experiences that improve learning outcomes.  
WHAT WE DOOur platform translates a teacher’s real world lessons, worksheets and activities into 3D immersive environments. It’s akin to being able to make your own personal Roblox game for your students just by dragging and dropping your content into our 3D templates. You can make your lessons instantly interactive and collaborative, spark your students' creativity and motivation, create meaningful engagement, and meet your students where they want to learn.  
Our platform is pedagogically flexible and suitable for a variety of different methods and use cases; front-of-class, student paced, interactive work stations, project-based assignments and more. And because it's designed to be used asynchronously as well, teachers can foster a continual opportunity for learning inside the classroom and at home.
Please visit our 'How It Works' page to learn more!
IS IT EFFECTIVE?You bet it is! Research clearly shows that improved learning and emotional experiences in 3D immersive environments result in better learning outcomes. Teachers from our user trials reported 'sky high levels of engagement' with their students.
Some immediate benefits you may see include:● Improved student engagement and class culture● Increased creativity and collaboration in the class● Students that are more self directed and interested in the material● Students participating outside the classroom● Improved social-emotional skills
WHAT WILL A TRIAL INCLUDE?● School License with full access to the platform until June 30th, 2023● Unlimited teacher accounts for your school● Asynchronous and synchronous training sessions and access to teacher resources● Waived fees in return for data and feedback opportunities.● Engaged students! Guaranteed.

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