There's Magic In Your Classroom.Bring It To A Virtual World, In-Class Or At Home.

Mega Minds turns your lessons and activities into immersive experiences that students explore in a 3D virtual world.


Experience the teaching tool intentionally built for the way students live and learn today.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose the 'world' you want to teach in.
2. Upload your content and presentation.
3. Send your students an invite code.  
Voila! Your custom learning world is created. It's that easy. Then sit back and watch the magic happen!

Mega Minds Is Proudly Built By Educators For Educators. 


Make Learning Awesome

Present your content in a context students can't get enough of!

Engage Your Students

Capture the minds and imaginations of your students with outside the box lessons and activities presented in a context they adore.

Extend Your Classroom

Leave your lesson content in a virtual world for students to explore and reflect on outside of class.

Empower Your Students

Let your students create their own little corner of the Metaverse to express their knowledge and creativity while mastering emerging technologies.

Develop Soft Skills

Enable the development of 21st Century Skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

Individualize Your Content

Differentiate your instruction with individualized content to meet students where they are with their learning.

Enrich Teaching & Learning

Teach in an underwater palace! Visit Machu Picchu. Explore a model of the human heart up close and in detail.


Your Lesson, Your World

Just drag and drop your existing content to create your world and take the stress out of lesson planning.

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One Place For All Your Content

Mega Minds accepts almost any file type and any URL. YouTube videos, PDFs, jpegs, MP3s and more, and even integrates with any EdTech programs you already know and use. Just drag and drop them, it's that simple.

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Multiple Ways To Teach

Teach however you like--live participation, student paced, front of class, project based assignment... the use cases are almost limitless.

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In School or At Home

Switch between classroom, distance learning, or hybrid and feel confident your lessons will drive impact in any environment.

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Realtime Assessment

Our purpose-built discussion areas can be used to conduct live checks for understanding with polls, open ended questions, number response, chat, 3D pen, and more!

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Works on Any Device

Mega Minds is browser-based and can be accessed on your school’s existing devices including iPads, laptops, even cell phones and old Chromebooks!


 Some Creative Ways Teachers Are Using Us

In-Person Teaching

Remote Teaching

Small Group Collaborative Learning

Project Based Learning

Novel Homework Assignments

Attention Grabber & Re-Energizer

Virtual Classroom Extension

Achievement Gap Remediation

Office Hours & Tutoring Space

Virtual Field Trips

Afterschool Programming

Student Lounge & Games


What We Believe

WE BELIEVE emerging technologies like the 3D Web (Metaverse), VR and AR are the future of learning and work. 
OUR MISSION is to create a more equitable world. We do it through education and by making immersive technology compelling, effective, and accessible to all. 
OUR THEORY OF CHANGE is IF we provide teachers with the ability to make their lessons more effective and engaging, THEN students will engage, build confidence and express their understanding of lessons. AND teachers will reach their student outcome goals of increased engagement and increased academic performance.


Our Team

We are a team of technology and education professionals that firmly believe passion for learning is vital, at all stages in life. It’s up to all of us—students, parents, educators, and advocates—to design the tools and environments our students need to succeed.


Eric Tao

Co-Founder, CEO

Eric is a content specialist with an emphasis on learning and training applications. He has spent over 15 years leading teams in digital interactive production, including stints at Google and Hulu. He has an MFA in Filmmaking from the Art Center College of Design.



Maureena Mark

Co-Founder, Head of Education

Maureena is an experienced Policy Analyst, Program Evaluator, Data Specialist, Technologist and School Principal. She is a strong education pedagogue with an MPA and post graduate diploma focused on School Leadership and Technology from New York Institute of Technology, School of Education.



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