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Where Students Build

Collaboration Future Ready Skills Digital Literacy Virtual Worlds Passion for Learning Critical Thinking Creativity

MegaMinds provides the tools to spark curiosity, collaboration and critical thinking in the classroom and beyond.

Enhance learning with a research-backed and customizable approach to teaching

Research backed efficacy

Students find immersive content more engaging and it can help students retain more information when it's part of the curriculum.

Customizable and flexible

Suitable for various curricular needs and learning styles. Can be used in both synchronous and asynchronous contexts.

A seamless fit in your learning ecosystem

We integrate with the top edtech tools to extend your existing curriculum. No need to rebuild anything.

Works on all devices

Deliver seamless learning experiences across all devices, and ensure accessibility and engagement anytime, anywhere.

But don't take our word for it -- our teachers say it best

And so do our students!

Address all six levels of Bloom's Taxonomy on a single platform

Foster a comprehensive learning journey from basic knowledge to creative application.

Facilitate creative and evaluative thinking with 3D interactive lessons

Enable students to apply and understand concepts through design thinking

Students showcase knowledge by turning concepts into their own digital worlds

Research shows students thrive in 3D learning environments

Scientific research indicates immersive learning significantly enhances comprehension, retention, and engagement compared to traditional methods.

3D learning environments can significantly impact learning outcomes and retention of information​

Student engagement levels increase by 45% compared to traditional classroom settings

93% of teachers feel XR tech would bring excitement to their students

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What can I teach on MegaMinds?

Anything! If you can teach it in the classroom, you can teach it on MegaMinds. Think of each virtual classroom as an extension of your regular classroom. The 3D nature of the platform makes it an ideal place to visualize complex ideas and concepts and for collaborative activities.

It’s our commitment to keep a free version of MegaMinds for teachers. We also offer fully featured Premium licenses and Site-wide licenses for schools and districts.

You can access MegaMinds with any device! And because it is browser-based, there’s nothing to download.

Simply share a link and your students can access it right away!

Students thrive in our 3D environments. Watch their smiles brighten and eyes light up as they transform into avatars in our immersive worlds.

What content can I share?

Almost anything! From static content like photos and PDFs, to YouTube videos, to GIFs and 3D objects. You can even add assessment questions to gamify your quizzes.

After you’ve created your virtual room or project assignment, simply share out the room link via email, Google Classroom, or any LMS you normally use. It’s that easy.

100%. Via Assignments, you can give your stundents a fun canvas to demonstrate knowledge. They can work individually or in groups. And you’ll find they’re like fish in water in on our platform. Most don’t require any onboarding at all.

Our virtual rooms are persistent –after a room is created it exists until you delete it. Meaning, it also becomes an artifact of your student’s learning journey. And because everything is link based, it means you can easily share them out with parents, administrators, other teachers, and students. They can become digital portfolios of student work that can even be used for college or job applications.

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