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MegaMinds turns your lessons and activities into 3D interactive experiences kids can't get enough of.


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Your students won't believe their eyes! You'll amaze them with new gamified learning experiences they can't get enough of and take your teaching practice to new heights.

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What is MegaMinds?

Your Lesson, Your World

Build amazing learning experiences

Easily customize your worlds with any 2D content you normally use, then spice it up with some 3D manipulatives. Share the link with your students and watch the magic happen!


Conduct engaging sessions

Connect with your students inside our unique virtual worlds and keep them engaged, motivated and having fun!

Teach on a platform students love

Achieve 'sky high' levels of engagement. Empower their learning and create a vibrant classroom community. Raise their confidence and help them find their voice.


Works on any device

Our browser-based platform can be accessed at any time on any device including Chromebooks, tablets, even smartphones! No downloads necessary.


“This is awesome. It’s so so cool! This is something that I’ve been waiting for. Such a good blend of what I need to keep my students engaged as well as what the students would like to do."

Lori B.

7th Grade Science Teacher

“I absolutely love this product. I work with special needs students. They love to jump in and learn in different worlds when I present my lessons. This has helped me so much to increase social skills, confidence, engagement, and lets us all have fun while learning.”

Erica L.

Speech Language Pathologist

“You often have a kid who falls through the cracks and isn’t up to grade level—especially now. With MegaMinds, I can create worlds and fill them with lessons and content that can get them back up to speed. But the real trick is they love to learn in this environment and are actually eager to complete the lessons!”

Marie M.

8th Grade Math Teacher

“What an excellent educational resource. I am always encouraging my teachers to incorporate more technology with our students. After being so concerned with all the learning loss that has occurred over the last couple of years, I’ve never seen students more excited to use MegaMinds. Really enthusiastic and ready to learn.”

Frank C.

Assistant Principal

“The first time I saw this, I knew it was something that could really change how we do things. And do you know what it was? One click to enter a virtual classroom. Even on a phone! The pedagogical potential of this is massive, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this platform.”

Guy L.

Learning Innovation Consultant

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