Learn inside a virtual world!

Virtual Learning, Reimagined.

Engaging immersive content. Wired just right for young minds.


Content students discover and participate in. Not just watch.

MEGA MINDS is collaborative learning that’s discovery-based, engaging and social.

Students experience an exciting NEW WAY TO LEARN as they meet up with teachers and peers as an avatar inside a VIRTUAL LEARNING WORLD! The impossible is possible with 3D objects and virtual teaching tools. Passive learning becomes an ACTIVE LEARNING experience full of excitement and endless possibilities!
With MEGA MINDS, you can customize synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences students can join anytime from anywhere.

*Accessible on any device. No downloading, installation or special hardware is required.



We provide a custom discovery-based education framework for our immersive modules that maximize engagement and learning with academically rigorous content built for both front of class and distance learning settings.

Maximum Engagement

Meet students where they want to learn in the digital age with 3D virtual worlds, interactive lessons, and social interactions that amplify engagement, motivate action and promote learning.

Experiential Content

Capture the minds and imaginations of students with discovery-based experiential lesson modules that keep learning fresh and exciting.

21st Century Skills

Collaborative learning modules enable the development of critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills that will help prepare students for life beyond school.

A Social Dynamic

A collaborative learning framework encourages the development of teamwork, leadership and social awareness skills.

Personalized Learning

Students take charge of their own learning with a large catalogue of asynchronous content that's adaptable to the needs and the learning styles of each.


Our Content

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Virtual Learning Worlds

Our virtual learning worlds come complete with avatars and custom 3D interactions that enhance the cognitive and social development of learners. Learning experiences are as unique as each student, and can be experienced solo or in small groups allowing for a self paced experience.

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Collaborative Learning

Students can meet up with their classmates in small group learning sessions that enhance soft skills. Embodied presence combined with group social dynamics encourage deeper learning, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and leadership skills development.

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Live Instruction

Teachers are able to join students in live experiences and utilize the tools only a virtual world allows such as 3D objects, animations, spatial audio, and 360 videos, to make their lessons more interactive and entertaining.


What The Research Says

Our immersive learning framework creates a pathway for students to develop their cognitive and social emotional growth. Multiple peer reviewed studies have shown immersive learning can have tremendous benefit in the following areas:

Improved Learning Outcomes

Increased Engagement and Attitudes

Deeper Cognitive Comprehension

Increased Retention

Empowered Students


Our Vision

Virtual worlds and XR technologies are on track to become one of the most important forums for human interaction, on a level with the telephone.  
But as history has shown with past tech cycles, it’s low income communities that are adversely affected and fail to benefit--further widening the inequality gap. 
With a focus on under-resourced students, our goal is to help students develop academic proficiency and 21st Century skill sets while gaining fluency with new technologies like the 3D Web and Virtual Reality so they are ready for the demands of a future work force.



Immersive learning is a relatively new field and we're sure you have a few questions. We will try to answer the main ones here. If you can't find your question, please drop us a line!

Who can enroll in the private beta?

Currently, we are looking for individual students, schools and after school programs to join our private beta. If you or your organization would like to participate, please contact us below.

What age group is this for?

We are building our beta content for US students in Grades 6-8. Available content will vary during our beta period. Please contact us to see if your learning needs can be fulfilled by our platform.

What are 21st century skills?

Through our collaborative learning modules, we prioritize a higher order of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, self-efficacy and persistence skills for a future job market that will require divergent thinkers.

How can students be empowered?

Students can be empowered by doing things virtually that would otherwise be too expensive, dangerous, rare or impossible. Via our virtual field trip modules, the whole world comes to your door.

What kind of hardware do I need?

MEGA MINDS content runs in any browser on any device. Even 5 year old Chromebooks. No new hardware is necessary.


Our Team

We are a team of technology and education professionals that firmly believe passion for learning is vital, at all stages in life. It’s up to all of us—students, parents, educators, and advocates—to design the tools and environments our students need to succeed.


Eric Tao

Head of Content

Eric is a content specialist with an emphasis on learning and training applications. He has spent over 15 years leading teams in digital interactive production, including stints at Google and Hulu. He has an MFA in Filmmaking from the Art Center College of Design.



Maureena Mark

Head of Education

Maureena is an experienced Policy Analyst, Program Evaluator, Data Specialist, Technologist and School Principal. She is a strong education pedagogue with an MPA and post graduate diploma focused on School Leadership and Technology from New York Institute of Technology, School of Education.



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