FACT: Kids play Roblox and Minecraft for 2.6 hours a day.

At MegaMinds, we bring immersive gaming to education to increase student engagement and get kids passionate about learning.

But don't take our word for it -- our teachers say it best

"MegaMinds improved my classroom management because the students took responsibility for each other!"

Jennifer S.

6th Grade Science Teacher

"The real trick is they love to learn in this environment and are actually eager to complete the lessons!”

Marie M.

8th Grade Math Teacher

“I work with special needs students. This has helped me to increase social skills, confidence, engagement, and lets us all have fun while learning.”

Erica L.

Speech Language Pathologist

“The first time I saw this, I knew it was something that could really change how we do things. And do you know what it was? One click to enter a virtual classroom. Even on a phone! The potential of this is massive."

Guy L.

Learning Innovation Consultant

“I’ve never seen students more excited to use MegaMinds. Really enthusiastic and ready to learn.”

Frank C.

Assistant Principal

And so do our students!

“What up, I think your websites is really fun to connect with other kids, also it very fun to play.”


7th Grade Student

"MegaMinds in a really cool game because you are exploring other peoples servers. See what other people are doing in the worlds."


8th Grade Student

“I love this game! The last time I played it it was very fun! I really think you should maybe put more characters and maybe more items like maybe a stuff animal or something like that.”


5th Grade Student

"I would love for my teacher to use this for classwork everyday. It's really fun and easy to use."


9th Grade Student

“Your creation is weird, wacky and amazing.”


6th Grade Student

MegaMinds can help reduce the burden on teachers while enhancing student engagement 


ChatGPT Worries? We've Got You Covered

With MegaMinds, creative assessments are "AI-proof", ensuring genuine ownership and understanding.

Safe and Secure

MegaMinds provides a safe and secure environment for students to collaborate, create, and learn.

Improve Classroom Culture

Foster a positive classroom environment where every student feels valued, engaged, and empowered to contribute.


Develop Social-Emotional Skills

Students develop better in-person relationship skills as a result of their online interactions in our collaborative environments. 

Develop 21st Century Skills

Foster 21st-century skill development, from critical thinking to digital literacy, prepping students for tomorrow's challenges today.

Empower Creativity and Collaboration

Students can create, innovate, and collaborate in ways traditional classroom tools might limit, building vital communication skills.

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  • What can I teach on MegaMinds?

    Anything! If you can teach it in the classroom, you can teach it on MegaMinds. Think of each virtual classroom as an extension of your regular classroom. The 3D nature of the platform makes it an ideal place to visualize complex ideas and concepts.

  • What does it cost?

    It’s our commitment to keep MegaMinds free for school teachers. As a school (K-12) teacher, you can use MegaMinds Basic for free – and so can your students.

  • What devices can run MegaMinds?

    You can access MegaMinds with any device! And because it is browser-based, there’s nothing to download. Simply share a link and your students can jump right in.
    It works best the following way: With a laptop (Chromebooks, Windows, Mac)● Using Google Chrome or Firefox● Using headphones with a microphone to reduce noise and echo● With your charger plugged in● Phones and tablets can access any lesson but have some reduced functionality

  • What materials can I share in the worlds?

    Almost anything! From static content like photos and PDFs, to YouTube videos, to GIFs and 3D objects. You can even add assessment questions to gamify your quizzes!

  • How do students join a lesson?

    After you've created or customized your virtual classroom, simply share out the room link via email, Google Classroom, or any LMS you normally use.

  • What happens to my lesson after the students are finished with it?

    You can keep using it however you'd like! Your virtual classrooms are persistent (think of them like 3D websites), you can access them at anytime and you can continually alter or update them. Your students can also revisit them at anytime during the school year to refresh or re-learn. And you can use them again with next year's students.
    You can even share them with other teachers at your school if you're on a school account.