Our Origin Story

Our origin story is quite unique in that we didn’t originally set out to start a business, we set out to build a school! In 2019, we put together a proposal for the New York City Department of Education’s Imagine Schools Initiative, which was a public-private partnership with XQ and the Robinhood Foundation to build 20 experimental pilot schools around new forms of learning.

Our proposal was to build a school that used immersive technologies to teach children in novel ways, namely through immersive learning. Our intent was to place the school in District 19 in East New York, one of the lowest socioeconomic regions in the city. Our thesis was that we could combat inequality by utilizing emerging tech to not only increase engagement and learning outcomes but also give students in under-resourced communities the opportunity to develop technical mastery and 21st century skills and position themselves for success in a future economy.

We were fast tracked for approval by the NYC DOE in March of 2020. A week later the world stopped and the entire initiative was put on ice. And a year later, we pivoted the school concept to a software platform that could be available to all students.

The delivery mechanism may have changed but our vision remains the same: to create a world where every student has equal access to education and the tools necessary to succeed.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality and delivery of education and make it universally accessible.

Research shows immersive learning improves learning experiences and results in more successful outcomes. We plan to make it: easy to implement for teachers, engaging and effective for students, cost-effective for schools and districts and accessible to all.

What We Believe

Our vision is to make education more equitable by empowering teachers and students with accessible, personalized and engaging learning experiences through innovative technology and practices.

Through our platform, we aim to break down the barriers in education and envision a future where education is truly accessible to all, regardless of their location or circumstances, and where students can learn what they need to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Who We Are

Eric Tao

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Tao comes from an extensive background of corporate and start-up roles and has spent over 20 years leading teams in digital interactive production. In 2015, he joined Google as a production lead on an innovation team experimenting with new technologies, like VR, and their potential applications in the field including in education. 

Edvard Ødegaard

Chief Technology Officer

Edvard Ødegaard oversees all technical development of our platform. From simple prototyping to development and strategy, he makes workflow and technology uncomplicated and efficient. Edvard deeply understands and enhances the newest web and mobile technologies to design scalable systems. 

Craig Joiner

Director of Experience

Craig Joiner has worked primarily in the EdTech space for the last ten years, focusing on personalized learning experiences, learning analytics and virtual worlds. Craig is a two-time recipient of Art Center College of Design’s Great Teacher award and has been an educator for over 16 years.

Contact Us

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