Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to high quality education. We do it by making immersive learning engaging, cost-effective and accessible to all, and through products that are centered around achievement, fairness, and opportunity. We want to empower everyone to unlock their full learning potential.

What We Believe

We believe emerging technologies like the 3D Web, VR and AR (i.e. the Metaverse) are the next phase of the internet, and the future of learning and work. We believe the students who use our platform will not only have more fun learning, but will be on the leading edge of this technological shift and will be able to develop transferable technical knowledge and 21st century skills to help prepare them for a future workforce.
Our Theory of Action states, 'IF we design an effective means for teachers to deliver compelling and engaging lessons, THEN engaged students will achieve greater academic success, build confidence, develop self esteem and a growth mindset. And teachers will reach their goals of positive cognitive, emotional and behavioral growth and increased academic performance.'


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