Unleashing student creativity and geniune learning insights

MegaMinds captivates and engages, making learning an authentic, exciting experience. 
Dive in as a student and craft your own digital universe with our no-code tools or join as a teacher and witness the magic of collaborative learning. 

MegaMinds is an all-in-one tool across the curriculum

Student Creation Tools

Unleash your students' creativity and innovation with our easy-to-use tools, enabling them to build and explore their own 3D virtual worlds.

Interactive Presentations

Transform the learning experience with interactive presentations that invite active participation, fostering a deeper understanding of the curriculum.

Digital Portfolios

 Showcase individual progress and achievement with digital portfolios, providing students a platform to reflect on their learning journey and share their work.

Interactive Assessments

Rethink traditional testing with game-based evaluations, designed to engage students and offer insightful, real-time feedback on their understanding and skill mastery.

Don't take our word for it -- our teachers say it best

“This is awesome. It’s so so cool! This is something that I’ve been waiting for. Such a good blend of what I need to keep my students engaged as well as what the students would like to do."

Lori B.

7th Grade Science Teacher

“I absolutely love this product. I work with special needs students. They love to jump in and learn in different worlds when I present my lessons. This has helped me so much to increase social skills, confidence, engagement, and lets us all have fun while learning.”

Erica L.

Speech Language Pathologist

“You often have a kid who falls through the cracks and isn’t up to grade level—especially now. With MegaMinds, I can create worlds and fill them with lessons and content that can get them back up to speed. But the real trick is they love to learn in this environment and are actually eager to complete the lessons!”

Marie M.

8th Grade Math Teacher

“What an excellent educational resource. I am always encouraging my teachers to incorporate more technology with our students. After being so concerned with all the learning loss that has occurred over the last couple of years, I’ve never seen students more excited to use MegaMinds. Really enthusiastic and ready to learn.”

Frank C.

Assistant Principal

“The first time I saw this, I knew it was something that could really change how we do things. And do you know what it was? One click to enter a virtual classroom. Even on a phone! The pedagogical potential of this is massive, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this platform.”

Guy L.

Learning Innovation Consultant