Teaching Tools

We provide the tools for both innovative teaching and personalized attention that are essential for student growth. 

Automatic Content Loading


Create a 3D interactive presentation faster than you can build a slide deck. Just drag and drop your content and it automatically populates on the walls in your classroom.

Content Libraries


Easily add relevant images, GIFs, and 3D Models from our content libraries to provide additional context.

Gamified Assessments


Create assessment questions and place them throughout your classroom to conduct checks for understanding. Make taking a quiz as fun and stress free as a Pokemon hunt!

Student Work Submissions


Students can complete tasks and assignments and then submit their work with a screenshot that is stored on your dashboard. 

Teacher Controls


Effectively manage your virtual classrooms with comprehensive Teacher Controls. Gather students directly in front of you with a single click!

Room Permissions


Easily set permissions for each classroom to control what your students are able to do on their own.

Creative Tools

Turn everyday lessons into fun, interactive 3D experiences with our Edit Mode.


Customize your virtual classrooms with the content you use everyday, then spice it up with 3D manipulatives, text, GIFs and more to help illustrate their lessons.
Virtual classrooms are persistent (think of them as 3D websites) and can be altered, re-visited and re-used at any time.

Collaboration Tools

Learning is much more engaging and effective when interaction with others is enabled.

3D avatars


Students can choose how they want to represent themselves. They can select from any of the featured avatars in our menu.

Voice and text chat


Students can communicate via voice or text chat.

3D pen


Lets you draw in 3D space. You can change the pen's size and color, undo strokes, and even generate 3D models from your drawing.

3D manipulatives


3D models also offer new ways for students to truly connect to the subject matter by examining and manipulating artifacts, specimens, and anatomical structures.



Share content and websites as easily as you would over Zoom.

Sticky Notes


Create fast notes and stick them anywhere in the room and move them around freely. 

Content Tools

These simple content tools make creating your virtual classrooms a breeze for you and a blast for your students. 

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Types of Content

  • Video

    Video are networked, meaning that it is shared with all users in the room. This makes watching content together as groups an easy task.

  • Audio

    Audio is also networked, which makes listening to audio together as groups an easy task.

  • Images

    Images can be scaled, rotated, and positioned anywhere in the room.

  • GIFs

    GIFs can be access through our library. They can be scaled, rotated, and positioned anywhere in the room. This a great way to add some flavor and have some fun with your classroom!

  • YouTube

    YouTube videos can be added by copying and pasting their url.

  • 3D Models

    3D Models can be accessed through our library and placed in the room. They can be scaled, rotated, and positioned anywhere. You can also add animation to them and allow them to be manipulated by your students. This is a very powerful tool to help illustrate ideas or concepts.

  • Text

    You can change color and the text can be scaled, rotated and placed anywhere in the room. Use scaling to make the text bigger and smaller. This is a very flexible tool and allows you to leave instructions or add context to lessons.

  • PDF Documents

    PDF Documents can be placed in a classroom. They can be scaled, rotated and placed anywhere in the classroom.They have controls that allow users to navigate to the next and previous pages. Use PDFs to display entire text books, or let students flip through slides at their own pace.

  • Links

    Links can be used to refer students to external websites from inside the room. A preview of the website will be shown, and users can click the "Open Link" button. You can link to any website, including other EdTech platforms, Google Forms, etc. 

  • Assessment Questions

    Create assessment questions and place them throughout your classroom. You can make taking a quiz as fun and stress free as a Pokemon hunt! Add an intro ticket to gauge a students mood, or add an exit ticket to conduct checks for understanding.

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Simple Content Placement

For fast and precise positioning of content, the Object Menu has lots of options to position and manipulate anything inside of your room quickly.
You can place content in a predefined area of the room (for example on a wall), straighten, flip or make the object face you. You can scale, rotate and nudge the object in different directions for perfect alignment.

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Add Descriptions And Inspect Objects

You can add descriptions to the content you place in your classroom. Students can then inspect them and get a unique 360 degree view with your description.
Use this feature to create gallery walkthroughs or to add detail and context to your content.

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